Chameleon Retractable Hose System for Central Vacuums is the most convenient way to vacuum your home! The Chameleon can be installed in new construction builds as well as existing homes.  Most current central vac users can upgrade their standard system to the convenience of the Chameleon retractable hose as well!  

Chameleon has been carefully engineered to give you the ultimate retractable hose experience. Features like reduced friction on the hose, magnetic door closures and automatic turn-off provide a seamless vacuum experience.

Unlike other central vacuum retractable hoses, Chameleon features an automatic lock and patented dual-seal system. This ensures a consistent seal every time and more vacuum power for your cleaning jobs! Chameleon also features a built-in, 360 degree swivel handle. Use the handle on its own to vacuum up a quick mess or attach a cleaning tool for more versatility.

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